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Terms of Use

Uforio is a web-application, based on the public Reddit API and being per se a non-official Reddit client.

If you are planning to use Uforio, you'd also need to read through and accept the Reddit Terms of Use and Reddit Privacy Policy. 

If you disagree with the current rules and the Uforio Privacy Policy, you should leave this site immediately and stop using any Uforio products. If you disagree with the Reddit Terms of Use and/or Reddit Privacy Policy, you should also leave this site immediately and stop using any Uforio products.

Your continued use of this site or any Uforio product shall constitute your consent with the current rules. This document was drawn up on 12th of August 2015 and is available to public access users on the following site http://uforio.com. We reserve the right to introduce any changes into this document without prior notification to Uforio users.

General terms

  1. Actions, performed with Uforio, must not contradict the Reddit Terms of use
  2. It is prohibited to use any instruments besides your browser or official Uforio applications for interaction with Uforio.
  3. To work with Uforio you need one of the following modern browsers:
    • Chrome 44 or newer
    • Firefox 40 or newer
    • Opera 31 or newer
    • Safari 8 or newer
    Correct operation in Internet Explorer is not guaranteed.
  4. Users community is available via the public Reddit community at the following address: http://www.reddit.com/r/uforio
  5. In case of violations of at least one of the Uforio Terms of Use we reserve the right to block access to Uforio by blocking your Uforio account or blocking you by your IP address.


Your privacy is regulated by the Uforio Privacy Policy.


We shall not be responsible for any content, obtained or created within Uforio. All content (including headings and URLs, comments, messages, text posts, information about subreddits) shall be created and stored on Reddit servers and regulated by Reddit Terms of Use and Reddit Privacy Policy. We shall bear no responsibility for any content on other sites, to which the Reddit may provide reference links, although, we are able to display it within our interface by remote requests and also make references to this content.

We strive to maintain maximal availability of our site, however, we shall not be responsible for any problems with operation of our service or some of its functions.

E-mail sending policy

Uforio reserves the right to send you e-mails to inform you about the necessity to perform any actions with your account or letters, informing you about actions, performed with your account.

Newsletters and advertisements will be sent to your e-mail no more often than once per month. If you want, you can unsubscribe from them by clicking the "unsubscribe" button in the lower part of the letter.