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Privacy Policy

This document describes our privacy policy, concerning your Reddit account and Uforio account (hereinafter referred to as Uforio ID). This document was drawn up on 12th of August 2015 and is available to public access users on the following site https://uforio.com. We reserve the right to introduce any changes into this document without prior notification to Uforio users.

Privacy Policy for your Reddit account

Uforio allows you to authorize in your Reddit accounts via the OAuth2 standard. That said, we don't store any data, necessary for authorization with Reddit accounts, on our servers. All data, necessary for authorization via OAuth2, including Access Token and Refresh Token, are stored only in Cookies in the user's browser and can be sent to our servers without storing them on our side. You need full privileges of working with your Reddit account to work with Uforio.

On our servers we store only the information, necessary for the operation of Uforio and its functionality, specifically:

  • Information about the posts you viewed on Reddit
  • Information about subreddits you visited
  • Information about your subreddits subscriptions
  • We reserve the right to process this information anonymously to improve the functional efficiency of our service and expand its functionality.

    We do not store the content of comments or posts, as well as any other information, not mentioned above, on our servers.

    We oblige to not deliberately disclose such information to third parties, except as required by the applicable legislation.  

    Privacy Policy for your Uforio account

    Besides the authorization via Reddit our service requires that you create a Uforio ID. Uforio ID is used to store user settings and is attributed to logins of Reddit accounts, used for authorization within the scope of the current Uforio ID.

    The hash, required for authorization via Uforio ID, is stored in your browser's Cookies.

    We also reserve the right to anonymously collect and process information about actions, performed within Uforio interface, to improve the functional efficiency of our service.